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What is Offered At Our Denver Location

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office nearest you and we will be more than happy

to answer any questions that you may have regarding driver’s education.

Driving School Denver Classroom Instruction
Classroom Instruction
Driving School Denver Driving Test
Driving Test
Driving School Denver Precision Skills Track
Precision Skills Track
Driving School Denver Written Permit Test
Written Permit Test
Driving School Denver Online courses
Online Courses
Driving School Denver Behind The Wheel Training
Behind the Wheel Training
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Public Driving Test
(our car/your car)
Written Permit Test
(English / Spanish)
Written Permit Test

Skills Track

Driver Package

Online Package

Driving School Denver

Package Options

This program delivers the most value out of any of our offered courses. Your new driver will receive 30 hours of instruction from police officers (either active or retired). Additionally, your student will receive valuable driving tips on our Precision Skills Track to ensure that your student holds onto the information they picked up in the classroom setting. While on the skills track, your student will simulate the effects of drinking and driving by wearing the Drunk Buster goggles while driving a golf cart slowly on a practice course. This package also includes taking the driver's permit exam. If your teenager passes, they will be able to his or her permit from the DMV.


Too busy for the classroom setting? The Online Package might be for you. This program is designed for those students whose schedules are very full. Western Slope Driving Institute uses State approved online curriculum that coincides with the material taught in our classrooms.

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WSDI's Precision Skills Track is modeled after the Denver Police Department Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). All driving is done in a golf cart at slow speeds under direct supervision. They will also need to navigate around cones and signs used to simulate different hazards and driving patterns. 

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This course is a 4-hour driver awareness program approved by the State of Colorado. The class is taught using the National Safety Council DDC-4 program. Students will use a workbook to guide them through the course instruction. This course is designed for students who don’t want to enroll in the 30-hour course. People interested in these courses can be companies wanting to either enhance their fleet management teams or improve employee skills in company vehicles.

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