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What is Offered At Our Centennial Drivers Ed Location

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Written Permit Test

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Littleton Driving School and Driving Test with Colorado Chain Law and Colorado Permit Laws

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This driver's ed program delivers the most value out of all offered classes. Your teen driver will receive 30-hours of instruction from our instructors in-person. This class covers everything your teenager will need to take the driver's permit exam. After your student receives their instruction permit, your teenager will be able to apply what they learned in the classroom during their 6 hours of behind-the-wheel lessons. 


The Online program is for those with busy schedules! Our online course covers the same course materials as our classroom driver’s education course, but from our Colorado State-approved online curriculum. 

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Our Precision Skills Track is modeled after the Denver Police Department's Emergency Vehicle Operations Course. This course will help your teenager better understand the course materials. Your teenager will drive slowly on this closed-course track under direct supervision with traffic barriers, cones, and signs. These “hazards” will help your teen practice their driving skills in a safe environment

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This driver's awareness course at Littleton driving school is a 4-hour program approved by the State of Colorado. Students will use a workbook to guide them through this course. Students that don’t want to take the 30-hour course and companies who are looking to enhance their employee's skills in fleet vehicles are perfect for this course.

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