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The Cost of Drunk Driving

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Drinking and driving are two things that should never go together in Colorado traffic laws. And yet, many drivers still drink and drive, as illustrated in this infographics created by Mile High Honda. Some of the statistical highlights include:

  • 33% of drunk drivers are repeat offenders
  • 33% of people will become involved in accidents related to drunk driving in their lifetime
  • The average drunk driver has driven drunk 80+ times before getting caught

Drunk driving affects not just drivers but everyone on the road. Aside from accidents that can cause someone to be gravely injured or even lose their life, the erring driver can spend time in jail or be made to pay higher insurance premiums and other applicable fees.

The cost of drunk driving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistics on impaired driving are alarming: 28 deaths per day in vehicle crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers, which translates to one death every 51 minutes and a cost totaling $44 billion.

Drinking and driving in Colorado is a top concern among law enforcers. If you are a driver and gets arrested and convicted for drunk driving, the consequences are hefty:

  • DUI cost of $10,000
  • Criminal offense on your record for life
  • License revocation
  • Possible jail time
  • Alcohol education and rehabilitation for as long as 9 months
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Potential job loss

Preventing drinking and driving

If you are of legal age and have no health issues that can be exacerbated by alcohol consumption, there is absolutely no harm in enjoying occasional nights out with friends. But remember your limit. Never insist on driving if you know you had too much to drink. Better yet, arrange for someone to drive you home if you know you will be consuming alcohol.

If your friend or someone you know is about to drive drunk, do not just be a bystander. Take away their keys and the possibility of them hurting themselves or others, destroying properties, or getting apprehended for DUI.

Preventing your teenage driver from driving drunk

Adolescence is largely about peer pressure and fitting in, and often, teenagers engage in risky behaviors for all the wrong reasons. This is where parenting plays a critical role. A parenting expert and TODAY contributor offers some tips:

  • Set clearly defined house rules against drinking
  • Make alcohol difficult to access at home
  • Because peer pressure is real, create a passcode with your teen to help them out of situations they would rather not be in
  • If you suspect your teen is drinking and driving, talk to them and explain the unnecessary risks they are taking
  • Know your child’s friends and get them to understand and respect the “no liquor” policy your teenage driver needs to uphold

Final word

Drunk driving can prove fatal. While peer pressure is no doubt a factor that can cause teenage drivers to carelessly gamble with their lives, as experts have proven, parental intervention plays a pivotal role in lessening the chances of teenagers engaging in risky driving behavior.

If you need help making your child understand the possibly devastating impact of driving impaired, Western Slope Driving Institute offers driving lessons in Parker, Colorado, Grand Junction, and Littleton. Lessons are facilitated by former traffic law enforcers and other first responders.

Call us today for any questions you may have about drunk driving and Colorado traffic laws.

For more information on the Costs of Drunk Driving, check out the infographic below from Mile High Honda.

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