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Spring Break: What to Do In Your Week Off

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 7, 2016 12:44:00 PM / by Joshua Rossi

Spring Vacation

Spring Break is right around the corner and students everywhere are scrambling for last minute plans during their week off.Those that already have their driver’s licenses are able to explore the wonderful state of Colorado, maybe go skiing or snowboarding up in the mountains, take a camping trip with their closest friends, or even hop on a plane to catch some warmer weather down south. Those that do not have their licenses yet find themselves bored at home, watching television or wasting their time in front of the computer screen. Don’t find yourself bored at home; we have a few ideas for you.

Driver’s Ed

Driver’s Education courses are the perfect way to spend spring break for those who have not completed the course yet. Are you 14 ½ or older? Grab a group of friends that are hungry to hit the road. What could be better than knocking out driver’s education together? Completing these courses with friends makes the experience more fun and productive.

On top of being a more entertaining way to take driver’s ed, completing the courses with friends makes sense on the educational side of things, in that the information from the courses are easier to digest. It’s much easier for teens to take in the information taught in the classes when they can discuss it outside of class and study for the exams together.

Behind the Wheel Driver’s Training Courses

Have you already completed driver’s ed but haven’t had the time to get in your driving hours? Get started with the second step to becoming a licensed driver by taking the behind the wheel driver training hours. Knocking out your driver’s training can bring you that much closer to enjoying the freedoms of driving on your own with your friends by the time summer comes around.

The State of Colorado requires that prospective drivers need 6 total hours of drive time with an instructor. You can choose to get them done all in the same week, or spread them out over time. Regardless of the option you choose, it’s great to get this step done with a quality instructor you can trust and learn from.

Driving Test

For students that have already completed their driver’s ed and behind the wheel driver training courses, it’s time to take the driving test and get out on the road. What better time to take a driving test than spring break? If you pass the test, you can drive yourself to school come spring. Chances are the DMV will be packed, but don’t fear, there are local driving schools that offer driving tests as well.

If you’re not sure what to do for spring break, completing driver’s ed, behind the wheel driver training, or taking the driving test are a great way to be productive and set yourself up for an incredible summer. We are currently offering two driver’s ed courses over spring break at our Littleton location: March 19-22 and March 23-26. Our new Parker location is also enrolling. Sign up for one of our courses today!

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Written by Joshua Rossi